Celebrity Diets – Whose Is Best?

Tonight I was reading a segment on the AOL diet page that showed the diets of various high-profile celebrities such as Beyonce, Oprah, Jessica Alba, and J-Lo. Each has a different diet strategy to stay slim.

Honestly what caught my eye was the tag line in my email about J-Lo “going low carb.” But apparently she only eats low carb when she needs to drop some weight. That’s ridiculous to me because it’s commonly known that if you go off Atkins and eat carbs again, you will put weight back on. Her maintenance plan? Eating in moderation.

I have never thought much of Oprah’s weight zig-zags one way or the other – I just don’t pay much attention to the latest “Oprah says such-and-such helped her lose weight” nonsense. If she keeps putting the weight back on, are we really supposed to listen to her?

However I believe she’s been in maintenance for awhile and is doing Bob Greene’s diet similar to what they eat on The Biggest Loser – no refined carbs, sugar or alcohol, veggies, fruits and lean protein.

Beyonce’s Master Cleanse diet has been very publicized and popular for awhile. How anyone could call some concoction of cayenne pepper, maple syrup and whatever else is in that drink a “diet” is beyond me. Hey, there are more enjoyable ways to lose weight!

Finally Jessica Alba. Her diet is what AOL called the “Supermarket Diet” for reasons I’m not aware of. It’s similar to Bob Greene’s “Best Life” diet in that it includes fish, chicken, and veggies and not much in the way of bread or dessert.

It’s clear that celebrities will always find a way to stay thin – but quick fixes like Beyonce’s cleanse and J-Lo’s Atkins-until-I-lose-the-weight are not helping show America how to pick a diet that works and stick with it.

Have you tried any of these diets? Let me know in the comments!

Coconut Oil for Metabolism


On the Low Carb Friends board I post on, I noticed quite a few people mentioning that they use coconut oil to boost their weight loss or break a stall. I recently posted the recipe for coconut bark, which I am very excited about! You can Google coconut oil benefits, but apparently it can raise your metabolism and clear your skin at the same time. Some people even use it as a moisturizer on their faces and bodies. Clearly, this is an A-list product.

I originally ordered some coconut cream concentrate, which is about 70 percent oil, to try out. I can attest to the metabolism boost – I was hot and sweaty for hours after each dose. Unfortunately, I ate it so darn fast that I am now almost out! Plus, it has too many carbs for me to eat in such large quantities.

So, I ordered the oil. This has zero carbs and you ideally need about 3 tablespoons a day (which you need to work up to slowly, as it can make you nauseous at first). I ordered mine last week and I’ve been anxiously awaiting the mailman to come every day. Since I order so many things, we basically know each other even though I’ve only lived here a month. I go down to the lobby every day around 12:30, ask – “Any packages?” and he gives me whatever I have (or lets me know that it’s in my mailbox).

If I get it today, I am going to post a comment and let everyone know how it is. Keep checking back!

Help Toward A Healthy Lifestyle


The two domineering factors in a healthy lifestyle are nutrition and exercise. The word diet does not exist, since diet almost implies a temporary solution. By maintaining a healthy weight and a low BMI, we can avoid problems associated with being overweight. With an ideal body weight, energy comes naturally in most cases.

We should all strive to do some sort of exercise on a daily basis. Walk briskly, or put 10,000 steps a day on a pedometer, go up a flight of stairs, or 2 or 15, go up a hill, bike, swim, do housework, gardening, etc.,  just do something and move. Here are easy ways to burn calories. Then there are those that are beneficial, but a bit more calorie burning and rigorous.

If you are trying to fight cancer, a good start is to eat cruciferous vegetables, such as broccoli, at least once a week. Tomatoes combined with broccoli is one of the most powerful cancer-fighting combo.

Tips about eating and exercising can be found here.

My personal health tips are:

  • Eat something within half an hour of waking up
  • Do a verb that requires movement
  • Eat something small every 2 hours, except toward dinner allow at least 3
  • Don’t eat anything 3 hours before bedtime
  • Get on an exercise schedule and stick to it
  • Find a way to prepare food so that it tastes good to you
  • Get at least 7 hours of sleep
  • Keep a food and exercise journal

You Can Exercise Too Much!


When it comes to anything in life, too much is never good. That also applies to health issues. Moderation is the key to everything in life.

Is it possible to exercise too much? Apparently it is!

Although it may seem like a couch potato’s winning argument, the key is not to overdue it, otherwise you can wear out your heart. Some people run everyday, they should consider every other day. Some people hit the gym for hours, maybe a half hour will suffice.

A rule that works for me is to raise and maintain your peak heart rate for about 10 minutes.Everybody may vary, but should not go over 30 minutes.

Beginner’s Health Guide

1129283.largeOur life expectancy is going up. Today you have a better chance of seeing 100 years than any other time. Our average went from 70 to 80 in about 40 years. Our early killers with ramifications are obesity, smoking, lack of exercise, drugs and the overuse of alcohol. These can lead to diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer’s, and eventually death, to say the least.

Here is a step-by-step guide to a longer healthier life. We need to quit dieting and develop a healthy lifestyle for life. We can’t do something to achieve a goal and then return to our other lifestyle. We must develop habits and tricks that we can live with to lead a healthy lifestyle.

I lost most of my weight by changing from white bread to whole wheat, from sugar to stevia or no sweetener, from soda to seltzer. These three gave me quick results. A breakfast is very essential to start the day. You should eat smaller meals every 2-3 hours.1129327.large

Exercise is essential. I do plenty of walking, go to the gym and have equipment at home just in case, and a couple of times a week or more I walk up to my apartment on the 15th floor using the stairs! During the heat, I do what I can, but I have to move in someway. There are many great types of exercise equipment you can invest in. I have weights, kettle bells, exercise bands, stability ball, and the machines are at the gym.

It is important to build strong relationships and have a positive attitude. Sleep is also essential. We’ll offer more tips to help in a lifestyle change in the future. Be sure to bookmark our site and check back often for updates.

Health- Detoxification Diets

detox940Have you ever heard of detoxification diets? Detoxification is obviously about removing the toxins from your body and incorporating it with your diet could mean getting rid of your excess fats that has been staying in your body for so long. This can be the best solution you can find as these fats are results by foods that are not good for your body. A detoxification diet primarily focuses on following a fasting regimen, wherein you avoid consuming particular foods for a certain period of time.

Diet-Detox-Or-Cleansing-DietFollowing the fasting period, you then slowly reintroduce healthy foods in your diet, avoiding those that cause the occurrence of toxins in the body. It also recommends taking some natural supplements made from nature’s finest herbs. While in a detoxification diet, an individual is advised to consume only liquid for the early stages of the cleansing. It usually takes around one week, and after which health-promoting foods like vegetables, fruits and brown rice are gradually added into the diet. Junk and processed are completely banned from the dinning table.



Detoxification diets are not designed to be followed for an extended duration, and this is true especially for beginners. Adolescents and teenagers should not even try undergoing a program like this because at this stage of their life, they need all the necessary nutrients and nourishment they can get. Fasting can seriously affect their health and performance in their daily activities. Another controversial issue with detoxification diets is that they tend to be addictive for some people. There have been reports of individuals developing eating disorders after the program, since they have been used to staying away from food. Before you try this out, be sure to go to a dietitian or a doctor to make a plan for you. You still need food for nutrients.